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Re: Estimation of ke0 from raw data

From: Mukul <mukul.minocha>
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 14:27:26 -0400

Hi Jos,

Why not try the indirect response model instead? The fixed effects are more i=
nterpretable pharmacologically than just using Ke0.
The initial estimate of the first order rate constant of degradation (kout) o=
f response could be the slope of the decline of the response when plotted wi=
th time.

You can read more in detail as there is lot of literature if you are not fam=
iliar with these models.


Mukul Minocha

> On 05-Sep-2015, at 13:43, Lommerse, JPM (Jos) <jos.lommerse
> Hi,
> I have a data set containing PK concentrations and PD effect.
> When plotting PD as a function of PD a clear anti-clockwise hysteresis
> plot appears.
> I would like to get a (rough) estimate of the PD time delay w.r.t. the PK w=
> using a compartmental description for the observed PK, even not using
> a polynomal function that fits the PK. The assumption I make is that
> all PD delay can be explained by the delay through an effect compartment.
> I am wondering if methods exist that solely use the raw data to
> calculate such time delays.
> Thank you for any comment/suggestion,
> Jos
> Jos Lommerse
> Modeler Consultant
> Quantitative Solutions BV
> Molenweg 79
> 5349 AC Oss
> The Netherlands
> jlommerse
> +31 412 211102
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