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Three day Pop PK-PD workshop at UMB in April 2015: Register SOON!

From: Gopalakrishnan, Mathangi <mgopalakrishnan>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 01:23:39 +0000

The Center for Translational Medicine<> at UMB=
 in collaboration with CERTARA<
e/> is excited to offer a Three day Population PK-PD modeling workshop star=
ting April 8-10, 2015.

"Come, LEARN theoretical PK-PD concepts and APPLY them for real drug develo=
pment questions".

Below is a quote from one of our previous workshop attendee

"I was fortunate to have attend the PKPD workshop at University of Maryland=
 Baltimore workshop in August of 2014
The Workshop organizers are experts in this area and the presenters were ob=
viously well qualified and were always ready to provide support.
The goals of the workshop were clearly stated and gives a taste of the type=
 of strategies that will be discussed in the workshop. It is extremely usef=
ul to have some background on Quantitative Pharmacology to keep abreast wit=
h the discussion otherwise the material can be quite complex. In future any=
 pre-read material that the course organizers can provide would be very val=
uable. It was useful to me to attend both the basic and the advanced course=
. I also think that the practical lessons were critically to internalizing =
the concepts and maybe more time and focus on demonstration part of the wor=
kshop maybe key to future course improvements.
All in all, this workshop has the potential to give attendees a good rubric=
 for doing PKPD analysis as well as providing an infrastructure for impleme=
nting it. I also found that the software was relatively straight forward to=
 use. All in all I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in th=
is subject area."
                                                    -Emelda Okiro, Gates Fo=


Mathangi Gopalakrishnan
Research Assistant Professor
Ph: 410-706-7842
Email: mgopalakrishnan

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