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Format - was Re: [NMusers] Second Announcement Sixth Pharmacometrics Network Benelux Meeting, Brussels, April 2nd 2015

From: Jeroen Elassaiss-Schaap <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 21:27:27 +0100

Dear Matts,

You can use the FORMAT option to specify more positions for your variables. S=
ee the Nonmem help entry on $TABLE and internet resources on Fortran format s=
pecification. For me, FORMAT=s1PE19.8 in the $TABLE entry usually does the=
 trick in such cases, but you even might need more positions (before the dot=
, or decrease the number of digits after the dot). Either make sure you know=
 the maximum length you need or experiment until it is right.

Hope this helps,
Jeroen Elassaiss-Schaap
+31 6 23118438
-- More value out of your data!

> Op 3 mrt. 2015 om 19:56 heeft Matts K├ągedal <> h=
et volgende geschreven:
> Dear all,
> I have a very long ID-variable and it gets trunkated in the output tables.=

> In the input data the ID variable may take the following value: 2783420001=

> In the output tables this ID is shown as 2783420000
> How should I specify the format to output all the digits correctly?
> Best,
> Matts Kagedal

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