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Maturation and size scaling techniques

From: Eva Germovsek <evcica>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 16:29:28 +0000

Dear NMUsers,

I am working on comparing different maturation and size scaling techniques
used in the PK literature. However, as there is no specific keyword for
this, it is challenging to find all the different methods. I have managed
to find the following models - if anyone is aware of any other ones, please
let me know.

Thank you!

Best wishes,


*Model1: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**THETA(2)

*Model2: *ALEXP=1

             IF (PNA.LE.0.25) ALEXP=1.2

             IF (PNA.GE.5) ALEXP=0.75


*Model3: *IF (WT.LE.16.5) ALEXP=1.68

              IF (WT.GT.16.5) ALEXP=0.614


*Model4: *ALEXP = THETA(2)*WT**THETA(3)

              CL = THETA(1)*(WT/70)**ALEXP

*Model5: *ALEXP = THETA(3) - ((THETA(5)*WT**THETA(2))/(


*Model6: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**THETA(2)* (1+THETA(3)*PNA)

*Model7: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**THETA(2)+ THETA(3)*PNA

*Model8: *CL = THETA(1)*(WT/70)**0.75* (1+ THETA(2)*(PMA-40))

*Model9: *CL = THETA(1)*(WT/70)**0.75* EXP(THETA(2)*(PMA-40))

*Model10: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**0.75 * PMA**THETA(2)/( THETA(3)**THETA(2)+

*Model11: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**0.75 * (1- THETA(2)*EXP(-(PMA-40)*LOG(2)/
*Model12: *CL=THETA(1)*(WT/70)**0.75 * (THETA(2)+(1-
THETA(2))*(1-EXP(-(PNA* THETA(3)))))

Eva Germovsek
PhD student
Inflammation, Infection and Rheumatology section
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

Received on Tue Mar 03 2015 - 11:29:28 EST

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