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Re: [NMusers] Guidence regarding scm

From: Kajsa Harling <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 11:58:30 +0200
Dear Muhammad,

The time_varying option is described on pages 8-9 in the scm userguide, see . Flagging a covariate as time varying will affect the computation of the median value of that covariate, and hence the centering of that covariate and the break-point of the hockey-stick parameterization. If the values of CRCL at different time points for the same individual do not differ much from each other, or if you do not use parameterizations where the median is important, then you can ignore the warning.

If you have further questions regarding scm, I suggest you post them on the PsN-general mailing list. To subscribe please go to .

Best regards,

On 06/01/2015 11:12 AM, Muhammad Usman wrote:
Dear NMUsers,
I am using AGE, CRCL and Body weight as continuous covariates and Gender as categorical covariate for scm. When I start scm by using PsN the scm starts but there is a warning message stating "Warning: Individuals were found to have multiple values in the CRCL column, but CRCL was not set as time varying in the configuration file. Results may not be as expected". In my data file the values for CRCL are not similar for all the samples of few patients because there is a time difference of almost 72 hours between 1st and last sample.
Can someone guide me is this a normal Situation or should I define CRCL in time_varying command in my configuration file. If so how can i write this command in configuration file....?

Waiting for Kind suggestions....


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