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​ The Second Workshop to Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling using NONMEM for Beginners - 2015

From: Ahmed Suleiman <a.a.s.a.suleiman>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 16:34:19 +0200

*The University Hospital of Cologne*

*The Second Workshop to Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling using NONMEM=
Beginners - 2015*

 After successfully having our first workshop last year, we are delighted
to announce our 3-day “Second Workshop to Non-Linear Mixed Effects =
using NONMEM® for Beginners - 2015”. This workshop aims to int=
roduce the
basic concepts and principles of non-linear mixed effects modeling using
NONMEM and other assisting software suites (e.g. PsN, Xpose & Pirana) to
beginners with limited experience in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic
modeling. As part of the workshop, hands-on sessions and case studies will
be offered to familiarize the participants with the workflow and
technicalities associated with population modeling such as data management,
model coding, and interpretation of the results.

*Location*: The University Hospital of Cologne, Cologne Germany.

*Date*: 3-5th October, 2015

*Instructors*: The course will be organized by the Clinical Pharmacology
Unit in the University Hospital of Cologne, led by Prof. Uwe Fuhr, and
tutored by Ahmed Suleiman, Sebastian Frechen and Max Taubert. The Clinical
Pharmacology Unit at the University Hospital of Cologne has been active in
the field of quantitative pharmacology and pharmacometrics for more than 10
years with significant contributions to the field.

*Language*: English

*Workshop Outline:*

· Introduction to (non-)linear regression modeling: basic
statistical principles, least squares and maximum likelihood fitting,
fixed and random effects, first order (conditional) estimation.

· Introduction to population pharmacokinetic modeling: introdu=
to NONMEM files (control stream and
 data file), structural model development, random effects modeling.

· Model evaluation: introduction to supporting software tools =
R, Xpose, PsN), goodness-of-fit plots, residual diagnostics, bootstrapping
analysis, simulation based diagnostics (e.g. visual predictive checks).

· Covariate model building

· Introduction to modeling pharmacodynamics: different
pharmacodynamic models, linking pharmacokinetics to pharmacodynamics

*Workshop Fees*

· 1240€ for participants from industry and commercial =

· 525€ for academics and participants from non-profit =

· 238€ for students in MSc or PhD programs.

 Computers will *not* be provided and therefore we kindly ask you to bring
your own laptops with you and we will provide the necessary software on USB

Quoting some of the feedback from last year’s workshop:

*“Instructors were experienced and well-informed. They were also pa=
with questions”*

*“What I really liked about this workshop was the hands-on sessions=

*“Material was excellent, and the tutors made an excellent introduc=
tion to

*For registration*: please send an e-mail to
“ahmed_DOT_suleiman_AT_uk-koeln_DOT_de”; instructions for p=
ayment and
participation confirmation will follow. Please *DO NOT* make any travel
arrangements before we send you back a confirmation.

Best Regards,

​Ahmed Abbas Suleiman
Institute of Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacology Unit
The University Hospital of Cologne
Gleueler Str. 24, 50931 Cologne,

Phone: +49-221-478-3402

e-mail: ahmed.suleiman
<ahmed.suleiman <ahmed.suleiman

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