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Re: PsN issue after update to 4.4.0

From: Tingjie Guo <tjie.guo>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 11:23:18 +0800

Hi Ana,

I suggest you to test NONMEM run separately to make sure if NONMEM works
well. Besides, what is your Perl version? I've experienced several times
that Perl 5.16 didn't support PsN 4.4.0(it seems to be related with perl
modules 'moose'). I'm not sure if this helps, upgrading Perl version(5.18
is recommended) and reinstalling all essential perl modules(see PsN
website) have solved my problems.

Best regards,

*Tingjie Guo*
M.S. Candidate
Group of Pharmacometrics
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Peking University, China

On 18 July 2015 at 23:07, Ana Miranda Bastos <ana.bastos

> Hi,
> After updating PsN, I run into the following problem when launching a
> nonmem model that used to be running. The error message is not specific
> enough for me to know how to fix it. Could anybody point me in the right
> direction?
> Software:
> PsN 4.4.0 on ActivePerl64 on windows 7 (64bit)
> Running 'C:\Perl64\bin\execute mymodel.mod' gives the following error
> message:
> "File system problem or NMtran could not be initiated (the NMtran output
> file FDATA is missing). There is no lst-file for the model in NM_run1. It
> is recommended to check the perl installation, and perl settings in
> psn.conf."
> Here is the beginning of the psn.conf:
> output_style = SPLUS
> perl = C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe
> R = C:\Program Files\R\R-3.1.1\bin\R.exe
> use_keyboard=0
> use_database=0
> job_polling_interval=1
> polls_per_moshog_request=5
> [nm_versions]
> default=C:\nm73g64\run\nonmem.exe,7.3
> 73=C:\nm73g64\run\nonmem.exe,7.3
> [default_options]
> ; Options valid for all tools
> threads=5
> nmfe=1
> nm_output=phi,ext
> nmfe_options=prdefault,xmloff
> [...]
> Any help with this would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ana

Received on Sat Jul 18 2015 - 23:23:18 EDT

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