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Re: Covariate modelling question

From: Kajsa Harling <kajsa.harling>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 12:49:03 +0100
Hi Fiona,

retries=1 means a first attempt and then max 1 retry. To make the scm deterministic you can either set retries=0 (only run the first attempt) or set the -seed option to the same value in both scm runs, which will make the tweaking of initial estimates identical. The version_and_option file also contains the value of -seed that will reproduce the results, so you only have to rerun the second scm if you set the seed according to the first scm and leave the retries option as is.

I cannot answer how to set the various options using the wizard, that is a Pirana question.

Best regards,

On 02/26/2015 12:14 PM, Fiona Vanobberghen wrote:
Hi Kajsa

Many thanks for this quick and helpful feedback. I have looked at the txt files you suggested, and they both have retries=1. Does that mean it has one attempt (and no real "retries"), or rather that it has a first attempt and max 1 retry? If the latter then it seems that this might be the reason, based on your explanation below. And if so then is there a way of setting the retries using the wizard (ie retries=0) so that I can double check that in that case I get the results I'm expecting?

Many thanks

On 26/02/2015 10:55, Kajsa Harling wrote:
On 02/26/2015 11:28 AM, Kajsa Harling wrote:
Dear Fiona,

This sounds like a PsN question, but it is impossible to answer without the example output. The mailing list does not accept long messages or attachments, so I suggest you send the original email with all output directly to me (On 02/26/2015 11:00 AM, Fiona Vanobberghen wrote:
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