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Question on simulation-based diagnostics

From: ZhaoChenyan <zhaochenyanvictory>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 19:50:25 +0800

Dear Nonmem users,
     My question is about simulation-based diagnostics. I am doing external evaluation of predictability on some published models using a therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) dataset, indicating only troughs (C0) available. As one of the evaluation methods, simulation-based diagnostics are employed.
     The question is , more precisely described, to choose which diagnostic tool? VPC, pcVPC, pvcPVC, NPDE or etc.? In my situation, that is only troughs from TDM available, which one is better and why?
      I do understand there are lots of papers discussing on the pros and cons of these various tools, however they just made me confused. I can't tell exactly the preference of any one under a certain situation. Looking forward to your response. Please make sure to let me know should more information about my dataset or my project are needed to make a reasonable and reliable choice.
Thank you in advance.
Chenyan Zhao
Email: zhaochenyanvictory
Mobile: +86 13917430219
Received on Mon Aug 31 2015 - 07:50:25 EDT

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