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Job Posting: NOVARTIS Associate Director Pharmacometrics Scientist

From: Graham, Gordon <gordon.graham>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 11:34:32 +0000

NOVARTIS Associate Director Pharmacometrics Scientist Position

Please respond to ramprasad.ramakrishna

Job Description:

Novartis is committed to discover, develop and successfully market innovati=
ve products to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance =
the quality of life. The Pharmaceuticals division is at the forefront of de=
velopment and commercialization in oncology, primary care and specialty med=
icines. The pharmacometric modeling group (PMX) at Novartis is a key partne=
r in supporting clinical development by applying modeling and simulation to=
 inform drug development. PMX supports all clinical development programs in=
 general medicines through the application of model based approaches to cha=
racterize dose-exposure-response relationships, disease progression, drug d=
elivery, as well as understanding the translational feasibility of new moda=
lities of treatments in humans.
The group is very focused on delivering strategic and well-timed modeling i=
nput at key decision points along the development path. Members of the grou=
p are not only expected to be technically capable modelers, but are also en=
couraged to develop strategically as scientific partners and stakeholders t=
hat help inform drug development process for novel small molecules, biologi=
cs and cell & gene therapies.
The Associate Director Pharmacometrics Scientist is the global lead for the=
 planning, execution and delivery of pharmacometric strategy for multiple i=
ndications and/or a disease area (or equivalent) within (pre/early/full) cl=
inical development. S/he is responsible for the design and implementation o=
f pharmacometric model based methodologies that optimize the drug developme=
nt program for each indication or disease area. S/he sets the strategy for =
addressing pharmacometric issues in regulatory submissions and directly inf=
luences drug development decisions with internal and external partners.
The scope of modeling activities include population PK/PD models, drug-dise=
ase models, clinical trial simulations, literature meta-analyses, and other=
 state of the art modeling and simulation techniques. Key technical respons=
ibilities are to organize, execute, and report modeling and simulation inde=
pendently, as well as to present work at cross-functional teams, department=
al meetings, senior management review committees, regulatory interactions, =
and scientific conferences.
The Associate Director is expected to mentor junior associates in specific =
areas of modeling, communication with teams and developing pharmacometric s=
trategy. The Associate Director should be able to effectively communicate t=
he relevance and value provided by pharmacometric modeling to key decision=
 points in drug development.
Candidates should have requisite expertise in quantitative pharmacology, st=
rong hands-on modeling and simulation skills, and demonstrated impact on dr=
ug development through quantitative approaches. Rich hands-on experience wi=
th NONMEM, Monolix, SPLUS, R, Matlab and/or other modeling and simulation s=
oftware is required. Experience with mechanistic PK/PD and/or system pharma=
cology modeling is desired. The candidate must have excellent communication=
 and interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently and effecti=
vely on interdepartmental project teams.

Received on Wed Aug 12 2015 - 07:34:32 EDT

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