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PsN 4.4.0 released

From: Kajsa Harling <kajsa.harling>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:58:55 +0200

Dear NONMEM users,

PsN 4.4.0 is now available for download from

New features include

* precond, a new tool for automatic preconditioning of a NONMEM model to
improve its numerical properties. The preconditioning method, which has
been developed by Yasunori Aoki, will be presented during the Stuart
Beal Methodology Session at PAGE 2015.

* major additions to sir, a tool for obtaining parameter uncertainty
faster than with a bootstrap and more accurately than based on the
covariance step.

* the -rplots option, a simple yet powerful feature for generating
default or custom R plots for visualizing PsN output. For example, the
PsN nca program can, using this new feature and Chayan Acharya's ncappc
R package for non-compartmental analysis, create a basic R script that
can easily be extended for custom nca analysis for a specific project.
The ncappc package is available from CRAN.

The complete list of new features and bug fixes is found on

Best regards,
Kajsa Harling

Kajsa Harling, PhD
System Developer
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Uppsala University

+46-(0)18-471 4308
Received on Mon Apr 20 2015 - 03:58:55 EDT

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