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RE: Using FORTRAN write statement with parallel NONMEM

From: Bauer, Robert <Robert.Bauer>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:52:08 +0000


I have just recently tested this with nonmem 7.3, and the fort.50 and fort.=
51 files show up on the worker directories, so I am not sure if something i=
s going on in your environment. If you can describe your OS, and send your=
 pnm file, I'll try to figure out what it going on. By the way, there is a=
n example8b described in nm730.pdf, which shows how to place these worker f=
iles to your manager directory.

Bob Bauer

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 of Bill Gillespie [bgillespiester
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Subject: [NMusers] Using FORTRAN write statement with parallel NONMEM

Dear all,

I'm using the BAYES method and attempting to write out MCMC samples for ind=
ividual parameters per the method shown in example 8 of the NONMEM 7.2 docu=
mentation. This involves using a FORTRAN write statement in verbatim code a=
t the end of the PK block:

 "98 FORMAT(I12,1X,F14.0,4(1X,1PG12.5))

This works as expected when running on a single processor. The desired samp=
les are written to a file called fort.50. When I try to run this in paralle=
l per "Introduction to NONMEM 7.2.0" p. 70, the run completes successfully,=
 but only a subset of the MCMC samples are written to fort.50. I'm guessing=
 this is the subset that are computed on the master node. Comparable files =
for the worker nodes are nowhere to be found. In particular they do not app=
ear in the directories named worker1, worker2, etc.

Any idea where the samples are being written or alternative approaches to a=
ccess those values?

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