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Using FORTRAN write statement with parallel NONMEM

From: Bill Gillespie <bgillespiester>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 10:36:11 -0400

Dear all,

I'm using the BAYES method and attempting to write out MCMC samples for
individual parameters per the method shown in example 8 of the NONMEM 7.2
documentation. This involves using a FORTRAN write statement in verbatim
code at the end of the PK block:

 "98 FORMAT(I12,1X,F14.0,4(1X,1PG12.5))

This works as expected when running on a single processor. The desired
samples are written to a file called fort.50. When I try to run this in
parallel per "Introduction to NONMEM 7.2.0" p. 70, the run completes
successfully, but only a subset of the MCMC samples are written to fort.50.
I'm guessing this is the subset that are computed on the master node.
Comparable files for the worker nodes are nowhere to be found. In
particular they do not appear in the directories named worker1, worker2,

Any idea where the samples are being written or alternative approaches to
access those values?


Received on Thu Apr 16 2015 - 10:36:11 EDT

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