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Re: AAPS Outstanding Manuscript Award

From: Graaf, P.H. van der <p.vandergraaf>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 05:02:28 +0000

I would like to discuss if we should nominate a PSP paper.

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> On 5 Jul 2014, at 23:25, "drmould
> Dear All
> At the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American
> Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS),
> the Clinical Pharmacology and Translational
> Research (CPTR) Section will recognize an
> Outstanding Manuscript in Modeling and Simulation.
> We are currently soliciting nominations for this
> award.
> The AAPS Outstanding Manuscript in Modeling and
> Simulation Award is intended to recognize
> outstanding achievement in modeling and simulation
> in clinical pharmacology and translational research
> as demonstrated by the author in quality and
> originality. The scientific impact of the published
> work should be the principle used in nominating the
> paper and can be based on new concepts, new
> modeling procedures, or in the application of
> modeling and simulation in drug development.
> The lead author of the selected manuscript will
> receive a $1,000 honorarium, a framed certificate
> which will be presented at the AAPS Annual Meeting
> and Exposition, and travel expenses up to $1,000 to
> be paid as reimbursement following the meeting. If
> the lead author is a non-AAPS member, a one year
> complimentary AAPS membership will also be
> presented. If the lead author cannot attend the
> meeting, travel expenses will be paid to a designee
> who will accept the award on behalf of the lead
> author.
> General criteria for nominated manuscripts
> • must relate to modeling or simulation in drug
> development and can be applied or theoretical. It
> should reflect applications in clinical pharmacology
> or translational research. Examples may include
> population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic
> analyses related to some drug or theoretical
> methods related to pharmacometric analyses (e.g.,
> covariate selection).
> • must have been published within 2 years prior
> to the meeting at which the presentation is made.
> • must have been published in a peer-reviewed
> journal, and be written in English.
> • the lead author does not have to be a
> member of AAPS.
> Nomination packages :
> • must be submitted by a member of AAPS
> • must include the complete citation for the
> paper as well as a clearly written statement of the
> impact, the significance, and the originality of the
> paper that justifies its nomination.
> • should be submitted as a single pdf file via
> email, although a single Microsoft Word file will be
> accepted if pdf capability is not available. The
> award name must be shown in the subject line of
> Please send nominations to awards
> July 18th, 2014. There isn’t much time left.
> We would like to thank Projections Research for
> their continuing funding of this award. Without their
> support we would not be able to offer this award.
> Please visit their website at http://www.pri-
> Kind regards
> Diane Mould PhD FCP
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