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RE: MU referencing

From: Bob Leary <Bob.Leary>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 15:38:42 -0400

There is another theoretical issue - constraining two parameters to have t=
he same
mean (tvParam) but different etas (ETA(1) and ETA(2)) violates the fundamen=
tal assumption of MCPEM-like method
that the parameters are multivariate normal. The basic update formula for=
 the fixed effects based
on the means of the posteriors for the random effects is no longer valid. =
For example, in a standard formulation the mean of the posteriors over all
subjects must be zero (this is the basic EM first order stationarity condit=
ion for the derivative of the log likelihood function ).
But if you have two different means associated with the same eta, both mean=
s in general cannot both be simultaneously zero..
It is unclear if MCPEM will converge under these conditions, and even if it=
 does, there is no guarantee that
the point corresponds to maximum likelihood.

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Subject: [NMusers] MU referencing

Hi all,
When using MU referencing, how do I code the situation where the typical va=
lue appears to be the same between two groups, but one group is more variab=
le how do I give these two groups different ETAs but essentially the sa=

Is this legit?




Where G1 and G2 equal 0 or 1 based on which group the subject belongs.

Thanks for the advice,
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