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UMB is accepting applications for its 100% online MS (Pharmacometrics)

From: Gobburu, Joga <jgobburu>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 07:54:00 -0500

Subject: UMB is accepting applications for its 100% Online MS (pharmacometrics) program 2013! After completion of a successful inaugural class

The objective of the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacometrics)
program is to allow current professionals to acquire skills and
knowledge to plan, perform, and interpret (Pharmacometrics) analyses
with the goal of influencing key drug development, regulatory, and
therapeutic decisions. The program offers theoretical and applied
technical knowledge together with necessary business skills tailored
for the pharmaceutical sector.

1. Focus on role of pharmacometric analyses in drug development and
key regulatory decisions.
2. All courses follow case-based study and teaching.
3. BUDDY SYSTEM: Every MS student is paired with an Industry leader as a mentor.

We just completed our first semester of the inaugural class of the
program. The quotes listed below from the students are a testament to
the remarkable success in our efforts.

“The program is unique in its format and quality on a global level,”
says Raimund Peter, PhD, head of pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics
at a leading biotech company and new student in the MS in
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacometrics) program.

“Five years ago, textbooks on this topic were rare, and information
was mostly obtained through forums and blogs. Dr. Gobburu’s program
has helped me immensely in looking back and fully understanding the
inner workings of pharmacometric analyses and the correct use of the
tools currently available.” says Lisa Liao, vice president at Pharmax
Research and another member of the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
(Pharmacometrics) inaugural class.

For more details on how to enroll and read about our achievements thus
far, please follow the links:

For questions ease contact Jeffery Barbers (<>).

Joga Gobburu, PhD FCP MBA
Received on Thu Feb 07 2013 - 07:54:00 EST

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