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RE: Behavioural/Result differences for NONMEM version 5.

From: Rik Schoemaker <rik.schoemaker>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 09:15:24 +0000

Dear Chris,

You are switching both NONMEM versions and compiler versions and operating =
system versions. I'd be amazed if you found identical results on all your m=
odels. Only the very simple or very well defined ones will not move around,=
 but for any real-life model, numerical outcome will depend on all these fa=
ctors plus additional influences like the operating system itself (i.e. Lin=
ux, Windows, OSX), running 32 or 64 bit versions of OS and/or software, th=
e whole multitude of compiler switches, running NONMEM with or without MPI,=
 and finally hardware differences like Intel or AMD processors.

To get back to your question: I'd be surprised if the Redhat version would =
affect your results but changing the Intel compiler version almost certainl=
y will (unless you've been particularly fortunate with your choice of compi=
ler switches) and so will changing NONMEM version.

Good luck,
Rik Schoemaker, PhD
Life Science Services - Exprimo
Senior Consultant

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From: owner-nmusers
 Behalf Of Chris Franklin
Sent: 05 August 2013 17:16
To: nmusers
Subject: [NMusers] Behavioural/Result differences for NONMEM version 5.


I know we all predominantly use NONMEM versions after NONMEM version 5. But=
 we retain old versions to reproduce or work on historic activities.
Anyway the question/issue:
We are upgrading our infrastructure from RedHat 4 to RedHat 5 and Intel com=
piler from 10 to 12.

We now have models that worked historically but we get anomalous behaviour=
 varying from differences in theta and eta estimates in the 3rd significant=
 digit up to runs that hang during the convergence steps.

Has anyone else experienced these?
Note: we have been informed of two compiler warnings during the installatio=
n phase:
ifort: command line remark #10010: option '-Vaxlib' is deprecated and will =
be removed in a future release. See '-help deprecated'
ifort: command line remark #10279: option '-xW' is deprecated and will be r=
emoved in a future release. See '-help deprecated'

Your feedback/advice on this is most welcome.
Chris Franklin


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