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Pfizer US based Pharmacometrics posistions

From: Milligan, Peter A <peter.a.milligan>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 12:07:52 +0000

Every colleague, every country, every day, makes an impact.
Have a positive effect.

Our Pharmacometricians have key roles to play in influencing the discovery =
and development of drugs. It's fascinating, vital work and you could be pa=
rt of it. We have made the strategic decision to significantly enhance our=
 workforce in this discipline because of its critical importance to our org=
anization. Therefore we have several new positions for talented individual=
s at a number of US sites.

Pharmacometricians (Disease Area Point of Contact) at Groton, CT

In this key role as a member of our Global Pharmacometrics group you will b=
e responsible for providing expert study/program design, data analytical an=
d interpretation inputs to our various Research and Business Unit (RU/BU) o=
rganizations. The successful candidates will work as partners of disease ar=
ea aligned multi-disciplinary teams in providing model based drug developme=
nt expertise and leadership to a variety of drug discovery and development =
programs through to loss of patent exclusivity. Of key importance will be t=
he formation and maintenance of effective collaborations with amongst other=
s, statistical, clinical and clinical pharmacology members of these teams.

Pharmacometricians provide strategic input into pre-clinical discovery, dev=
elopment and post-approval plans quantifying the risk associated with parti=
cular study designs or program strategies and communicating/dissemination o=
f the results. They are responsible for the use of a variety of innovative =
quantitative methods to integrate knowledge of pharmacokinetics, a variety =
of response variables (including pharmacodynamic, clinical outcome and unde=
sirable effects), patient characteristics and disease mechanism/states, sta=
tistics, study/experimental design, clinical trial simulations, meta-analyt=
ical evidence synthesis and quantitative techniques to facilitate quantitat=
ive decision making thereby increasing RU/BU efficiency.

In addition to the disease specific activities the successful candidates wi=
ll forge collaborative relationships with Pharmacometric colleagues within =
the global Pharmacometrics community (currently based in USA, UK, China and=
 Japan), other subject matter specialists and groups external to the organi=
zation (leading academics, external service providers etc.). The successful=
 candidates will work with colleagues to ensure Pfizer's position as a lead=
er in the use of quantitative approaches supporting drug development strate=
gies and worldwide registration of new medicines.

Pharmacometricians (Individual Contributor) at Groton, CT and Cambridge, MA

In this key role you will serve as the Pharmacometrics representative on mu=
ltidisciplinary discovery and/or development teams and provide Pharmacometr=
ic expertise and leadership to a project. In the research units the positio=
n can entail partnering with research based colleagues to select and valida=
te clinical targets in order to design efficient and informative proof of m=
echanism and proof of concept studies. In the business units, the position=
 can entail partnering with development colleagues to integrate prior knowl=
edge in order to develop innovative clinical study designs for Phase II-IV =
clinical trials by applying the principles of model based drug development.

Pharmacometricians work closely with Clinical Pharmacology Leads, Clinician=
s and Statisticians to create clinical development plans that include asses=
sments of a drug's efficacy, safety, commercial viability and fulfilment of=
 registration requirements.
In order to achieve these aims, candidates are responsible for the use of i=
nnovative analytical methods to integrate knowledge of pharmacokinetics, ph=
armacodynamics, patient characteristics and disease states to optimize dose=
s, dosage regimens and study designs throughout clinical drug development.

Pharmacometricians routinely interact with internal governance bodies, regu=
latory agencies and external opinions leaders. They are expected to influe=
nce the external environment by advancing their discipline and through exte=
rnal presentations and publications.

The ideal candidates will have a doctorate degree with demonstrated experti=
se in Clinical Pharmacology and/or Pharmacometrics and strong quantitative =
skills (e.g. experience in mechanistic modeling/systems pharmacology, quant=
itative translational scaling, literature meta-analyses, population modelin=
g, and clinical trial simulations). We encourage applicants from different =
disciplines including biostatistics, medicine, engineering, etc. Candidate=
s with significant experience are sought as well as recent graduates. In ad=
dition to professional challenge, we offer a culture that supports and enco=
urages ideas, and recognizes individual contribution. Moreover, the salary =
and extensive benefits are everything you'd expect from a world leading com=

To apply please visit the careers pages on<
.com> and enter the following job opening numbers:

For Pharmacometrics (Disease Area Point of Contact), job opening number: 96=
For Pharmacometrics (Individual Contributor), job opening number: 961325



Peter A. Milligan
Head of Pharmacometrics
Global Clinical Pharmacology

+44 (0)1304 648954 (telephone)
+44 (0)1304 652590 (fax)
+44 (0)7966 130579 (mobile)



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