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ASoP Workshop: Population Pharmacometrics Modeling with Monlix. May 17-18, Somerset, NJ

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 09:11:15 -0500

The American Society of Pharmacometrics (ASoP) is sponsoring a 2 day
workshop: *Population Pharmacometrics Modeling with Monlix*. The
instructor for this workshop is *Marc Lavielle*.

*Date:* May 17-18, 2012

*Workshop fee* (includes coffee and lunch on both days):
$975.00 for ASoP members
$1275.00 for non-ASoP members – to join ASoP, visit our website:

*Location*: Fairfield Inn and Suites
315 Davidson Ave., Somerset NJ 08873
Phone #732-627-8483
You must inform the hotel you are attending the ASoP workshop to get the
reduced room rate of $119 (includes breakfast).

*Software*: We will use Monolix for illustrating the concepts and methods
presented during the workshop. The course will include several hands-on
sessions, with attendees working on their own laptop. Monolix 4.1 can be
downloaded from the Lixoft website:
  Once there, fill in the fields selecting “MonolixCourse” for the ques=
“ How will you use the software?” In the message frame put in the name =
this workshop. Industry participants will then receive a free 3 month
license. (Monolix remains free of charge for academic participants).

*Workshop Summary*: This workshop aims to present a rigorous approach of
pharmacometrics model building. It focuses on the truly essential
activities of the modeler: easily and rapidly fitting complex models on
data, and using reliable tools to select and validate the best models.
The agenda will cover the implementation of basic and complex
pharmacometrics models, including models for continuous, categorical, count
and time to event data. If the Pharmacometrics model is a fundamental
component of the model, the statistical component is also essential to
describe both the inter-subject and intra-subject variability. A strong
emphasis will be put in this workshop on presenting statistical models in a
simple but very rigorous manner.
The modeler’s role is not to know and master all the technical details of
the algorithms implemented in the software tools. It is nevertheless
important to understand what the algorithms are doing and to verify the
validity of their results. We will explain in this course the principles of
the SAEM algorithm and other algorithms developed for a practical use of
non linear mixed effects models. We will show how to validate their

*Marc Lavielle* has been leading the Monolix project since 2004. He is a
Research Director at Inria Saclay, France. He created and led the CNRS
Research Group “Statistics and Health”. He is a member of the French
National Council for Biotechnologies. He has worked on the development of
maximum-likelihood estimation methods, applied to a broad area of
applications. He has co-authored several papers on various aspects of
statistical estimation and on SAEM algorithm. Several of the methods that
he developed are implemented in the Monolix software.

Registration is limited to 40 participants so early registration is
suggested. To register, visit

We look forward to your attendance and participation!
Questions? Please contact us at mail

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