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From: Fabre, Marc-Antoine <Marc-Antoine.Fabre>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 16:30:52 +0100



The new R&D strategy at AstraZeneca includes a substantial increase in inves=
tment in Predictive Sciences - so we can tackle illness and disease with eve=
n more effective drugs. So from cancer to diabetes and beyond, we will appl=
y the model-based approach to the whole drug development process. To realise=
 this, we are making significant investments in people. If you're already in=
 a modelling and simulation role, or have a background in bio-mathematical m=
odelling, quantitative systems biology, applied mathematics, engineering, ph=
armacokinetics or statistics, then you may have the skills to make a big con=
tribution to the development of important new medicines. Within the Clinical=
 Science Department we have currently vacancies for the following three role=
s: Therapetic Area Pharmacometrics Expert (ref SWE000000NR, location Gothenb=
urg/Mölndal, Sweden or Wilmington, US), Section Director Pharmacometric=
s (ref SWE000000NS , location Gothenburg/Mölndal, Sweden or Wilmington,=
 US) and Pharmacometrician/Senior Pharmacometrician (ref SWE000000NS, locati=
on: all sites). The role descriptions together with contact details are give=
n below and at


Welcome to apply for any of the positions at
r/Vacancies?itemId=3184958&nav=yes <
ancies?itemId=3184958&nav=yes> ! Include job number as search string.

Closing date is July 10, 2011.




Job number: SWE000000NR

Location: Mölndal/Gothenburg, Sweden or Wilmington, US


The Therapeutic Area Pharmacometrics Expert position is a strategic and scie=
ntific job within Clinical Pharmacology Science, accountable for the modelli=
ng work being performed within a specific Therapeutic Area (TA). The current=
 openings are within Cardiovascular/Gastrointestinal (CV/GI) and Respiratory=
/Inflammation (R&I) TAs. This person will also apply disease modelling to cl=
inical program design with a clear sight of models available internally and =
externally. The incumbent will provide the strategic direction to enable the=
 Director of Pharmacometrics to deploy PM resources to the projects where mo=
delling will have the greatest impact. As a member of the Senior Leadership =
of Clinical Pharmacology Science, he/she will contribute to the strategic di=
rection and business effectiveness of the department.


He/she may be responsible for one or for multiple global drug projects withi=
n the same indication / therapeutic area. He/she leads large and/or complex =
projects, interacts with regulatory authorities and key opinion leaders, pro=
vides coaching and mentoring to other pharmacometricians providing support t=
o projects in the TA, and is accountable for the pharmacometric soundness of=
 the modelling and simulation efforts for the assigned projects. He/she is e=
xpected to complete these tasks with very minimal supervision, appropriately=
 and pro-actively seeking line management intervention where needed to ensur=
e successful outcome, e.g. with respect to project resource requirements or =
key strategic functional issues.


Minimum experience


For the Therapeutic Area Pharmacometric Expert (TAPE) role, the applicant ha=
s preferably a doctorate degree with demonstrated expertise in pharmacometri=
cs, with substantial knowledge about contemporary software and tools within =
the field of M&S and strong quantitative skills (e.g. experience in mechanis=
tic modelling/systems pharmacology, quantitative translational scaling, lite=
rature meta-analyses, population modelling). The TAPE's experience may have =
been gained in a variety of disciplines including pharmacology, pharmaceutic=
al sciences, biostatistics, medicine, physiology, or engineering. Significan=
t experience should have been gained by working in drug development in the p=
harmaceutical industry.


More information


For more information about the positions please contact Marie Sandström=
, Director Clinical Pharmacometrics +46 8 553 27835 (Marie.Sandstrom




Job number: SWE000000NS

Location: Gothenburg/Mölndal, Sweden and Wilmington, US


This is a role within our Clinical Pharmacology Science group which is invol=
ved in candidate drug (CD) selection and in all clinical phases of the produ=
ct development including registration and commercialization.


The Section Director Clinical Pharmacometrics combines line management with =
the scientific role of Sr Clinical Pharmacometrician with responsibilities f=
or development of pharmacostatistical models including disease models, expos=
ure response models, biomarker - efficacy models etc. The Sr Clinical Pharma=
cometrician is accountable for developing MBDD plans for assigned projects.


As a Section Director, he/she will be responsible for all line management ac=
countabilities for up to 8-12 Pharmacometrician as direct reports and will w=
ork together with Section Director colleagues, the global Director Clinical =
Pharmacometrics and Therapeutic Area Pharmacometrics Experts to ensure recru=
itment, training, development and deployment of Pharmacometricians, to optim=
ize project delivery and to support implementation of Model Based Drug Devel=
opment within AstraZeneca.


Minimum experience


For the Section Director Clinical Pharmacometrics role, a doctorate degree w=
ith demonstrated expertise in pharmacometrics and strong quantitative skills=
 (e.g. experience in mechanistic modelling/systems pharmacology, quantitativ=
e translational scaling, literature meta-analyses, population modelling) is =
required. The pharmacometrics experience may have been gained in a variety d=
isciplines including pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, biostatistics, m=
edicine, mathematics, physiology, or engineering. At least 5 years of his/he=
r experience should have been gained by working in drug development in the p=
harmaceutical industry. The applicant should preferably have experience in l=
ine management, training of others and/or scientific supervision.


More information


For more information about the positions please contact Marie Sandström=
, Director Clinical Pharmacometrics +46 8 553 27835 (Marie.Sandstrom




Job number SWE000000NT

Location: Various


Clinical Pharmacometrician (PM) and Senior Clinical Pharmacometrician (Sr PM=
) are scientific roles within our Clinical Science group which is involved i=
n candidate drug (CD) selection and in all clinical phases of the product de=
velopment including registration and commercialization. We are looking for s=
everal individuals to fill the roles in Sweden, UK and the US.


The PM/Sr PM works closely together with other modelling skills (such as pre=
clinical PKPD scientists, statistical modelers etc ) to develop MBDD plans f=
or disease area related as well as compound related modelling. The PM/Sr PM =
develops pharmacostatistical models including disease models, exposure respo=
nse models, biomarker - efficacy models etc. The PM/Sr. PM works as a partne=
r in multi-disciplinary development teams by providing MBDD expertise. Effec=
tive collaborations with physicians, DMPK PK/PD scientists, statisticians, c=
linical pharmacologists and regulatory affairs experts are of key importance=


The Sr PM will, together with statisticians, have the overall accountability=
 for the MBDD plan. We will also look to these individuals to collaborate ex=
ternally by publishing their work, building relationships with academic inst=
itutions and building their expertise by networking with individuals in the =
pharmacometrics field. Individuals in the senior role will also be called up=
on to coach less senior staff in their modelling work.


Minimum experience


For the Sr. Pharmacometrician role, a doctorate degree with demonstrated exp=
ertise in pharmacometrics and strong quantitative skills (e.g. experience in=
 mechanistic modelling/systems pharmacology, quantitative translational scal=
ing, literature meta-analyses, population modelling) is required. For the PM=
 role, candidates will have a doctorate degree (preferred) but a Master's de=
gree and other relevant academic training in pharmacometrics and quantitativ=
e sciences is acceptable. The PM´s/Sr. PM's experience may have been ga=
ined in a variety disciplines including pharmacology, pharmaceutical science=
s, biostatistics, medicine, mathematics, physiology, or engineering. At leas=
t 5 years of the Sr PM´s experience should have been gained by working =
in drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.


More information


For more information about the positions please contact Marie Sandström=
, Director Clinical Pharmacometrics +46 8 553 27835 (Marie.Sandstrom or for location in Sweden Section Director Clinical Pharmacometric=
s Per-Henrik Zingmark +46 8 553 23942 (Per-Henrik.Zingmark
 location in UK Section Director Clinical Pharmacometrics Marc-Antoine Fabre=
 +44 1509 644253 (Marc-Antoine.Fabre
e US Section Director Clinical Pharmacometrics Bruce Birmingham +1 302 886 7=
527 (Bruce.Birmingham



Marie Sandström

On behalf of Clinical Pharmacology Sciences Leadership Team


Marie Sandström, PhD

Director Clinical Pharmacometrics

AstraZeneca R&D


+46 8 553 27835

+46 708 467727



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