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RE: Mixture modelling (responders vs non-responders)

From: Farrell, Colm <Colm.Farrell>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 09:41:57 +0100

Hi Zhong,
If you have clear non-responders, you might consider allowing
non-responders and responders to have different response functions
rather than different parameter estimates.
For the non-responders, response=constant (i.e., baseline) and for
responders, response=function(AUC(0-tau)).

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Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 6:00 PM
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Subject: [NMusers] Mixture modelling (responders vs non-responders)

Hi NMUsers,

I am trying to model some data that contain a biomarker time course over
4 weeks (with twice weekly measurements) and steady state of the change
in biomarker is attained in this duration in the presence of various
doses of a drug. This is a dose ranging experiment and I have value of
exposure (AUC(0-tau)) at steady state that drives the biomarker change.
I noticed that there are some obvious non-responders to the treatment
(no mechanistic/physiological explanation). When using a direct effect
Emax model the model fits are good and parameter estimates are well
estimated. But the estimate of omega for EAUC50 is extremely high (about
13) due to the very high values estimated for the non-responders, thus
simulations are extremely biased. I tried a mixture model on EAUC50 and
NONMEM estimated 15% non-responders with high EAUC50 values (while
examining the dataset non-responders are about 25%). With the mixture
model implementation on EACU50 the omega on EAUC50 dropped to about 4
which is again extremely high for the responder population. I tried
mixture model on Emax alone and EAUC50+Emax together also but again got
high omegas and lower than expected estimate of non-responder

I would appreciate if I can get some ideas to take care of this issue.

Z Chen

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