[NMusers] ISoP Webinar on DDEs in NONMEM Jan 18 12:30 pm EST

From: Krzyzanski, Wojciech <wk_at_buffalo.edu>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 23:22:58 +0000

Dear Colleagues,
International Society of Pharmacometrics will host a webinar on Friday, Jan=
uary 18, 2019 _at_12:30 EST. The webinar titled, "Delay Differential Equations=
 Based Models in NONMEM", will be hosted by Wojciech Krzyzanski, PhD, Unive=
rsity at Buffalo. Models using delay differential equations (DDEs) are gett=
ing increasingly popular in analysis of data exhibiting delays. Many pharma=
cometric software support DDE solvers to facilitate DDE based model develop=
ment. Recently, an advanced DDE solver for stiff differential equations has=
 been implemented in a pre-release version of NONMEM as ADVAN 16. The objec=
tive of this presentation is to introduce basic concepts underlying DDE bas=
ed models and show how they can be developed using ADVAN16.
-Examples of PKPD systems with delays
-Pharmacomatric software supporting DDE solvers
-Introduction to ADVAN16
-Simulation: rheumatoid arthritis model
-Individual parameter estimation: tumor growth inhibition model
-Population parameter estimation: model of erythropoietin effect on RBCs
-Questions and answers

Please use the link below to view additional details and to register for th=
is free event. Registration is required to view this event.

Wojciech Krzyzanski

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