RE: [NMusers] Cleaning Up After NONMEM

From: Bauer, Robert <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2018 21:13:27 +0000

You can create a batch file, such as nmfe74_cleanup.bat (or whatever name you wish), with contents such as

call nmfe74.bat %*
del *.set

which will run the original nonmem script (and all arguments are passed with %*), and when done, go on to delete whichever files you wish.

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To: Mark Tepeck
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Hi Mark,

To totally avoid them, not that I know of (others may know an option that can help there). With PsN, you can use -clean=4, and I think it will remove everything. If you have a run with a problem, you may end up with no information to troubleshoot it, though.



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Subject: Re: [NMusers] Cleaning Up After NONMEM

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the tip. Is there anyway to avoid those sub-directories? For example, let NONMEM clean it up automatically? let NONMEM run those temporary files in another cache space invisible to end-users. Those sub-directories increasingly eats a lot of my disk space.


On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 3:56 PM, Bill Denney <<>> wrote:
Hi Mark,

The simplest answer that I know of is to use PsN (<>). It runs NONMEM in a subdirectory and will only bring the most useful files back into the main directory.



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Subject: Re: [NMusers] FW: testing nmusers number 12001. Please ignore

Hi All,
Is there any native way for NONMEM to opt out of generating running file/folders. Right now, I use some tools to post clean the NONMEM run directory. However, it will be fantastic to have such a NONMEM built-in option to run "cleanly". Those temporary files and folders create heavy burdens on storing and sharing the results.
Thank you,
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