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From: Brenda Roseberry <broseberry_at_cartermackay.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2018 17:15:21 +0000

Sr. Scientist/AD/Fellow role available in San Francisco
Level will be commensurate with experience! Please email broseberry_at_carterm=
ackay.com<mailto:broseberry_at_cartermackay.com> for more info

  * Build and apply QSP models in order to answer scientific questions
  * Establish PK/PD models
  * Identify and interpret preclinical and clinical data critical for mod=
el development.
  * Utilize patient data to determine if there is a correlation with cert=
ain biomarkers to determine better/worse response
  * Develop data science approaches to integrate and extract novel insigh=
ts from data.
  * Communicate modeling predictions to upper management, project teams, =
  * Keep up to date with relevant scientific approaches and software.
  * contribute to scientific literature by developing abstracts and manus=
Minimum Qualifications:

  * Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Systems Biology/Pharmacology, or a r=
elated field
  * 1+ year of pharmaceutical experience (or 2+ years of non-pharmaceutic=
al experience) in mathematical modeling and computer simulation for biomedi=
cal/pharmaceutical applications.
  * Hands-on experience with a programming language such as Matlab/R/C/C+=
+ (Matlab preferred)
  * Understanding of theory, principles and statistical aspects of mathem=
atical modeling and simulation.
  * Understanding of the basic principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmac=

  Brenda Roseberry
   Division Manager-Scientific
   Preclinical/Clinical--PK, Pharmacology, Pharmacometrics, Biomarkers, Bio=
    720-328-9526 - Office
    315-415-4353 - Mobile
    720-475-1176 - Fax
   [cid:image001.png_at_01CBC1F8.25033B10] <http://www.linkedin.com/profile/vi=

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