[NMusers] Satellite workshops for the APC 2017 in Kyoto, Japan

From: Seunghoon Han <waystolove_at_catholic.ac.kr>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 14:19:10 +0900

Two satellite workshops for the first APC (Asian Pharmacometric =
Conference) 2017 in Kyoto, Japan


1. Understanding Classical Estimation Methods of NONMEM (Wed. 25th =


It is hard to understand the background theory of NONMEM. Lectures and =
examples will be given to understand the internals of NONMEM. =
Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of R software (such as =
package installation) but not of NONMEM. They will produce essentially =
the same output as in NONMEM with R optimization functions only, without =
any help of NONMEM. For more details and registration, please visit =
<http://pmx.amc.seoul.kr/> http://pmx.amc.seoul.kr


 2. Translation of mAb PKPD: Theoretical basis and Case Studies =
(Wed. 25th Oct)


PIPET (Pharmacometrics Institute for Practical Education and Training) =
of the Catholic University of Korea will give a full day workshop in =
Kyoto. This is not a typical hands-on modeling workshop, but a course =
for comprehensive understanding of the PKPD of monoclonal antibodies and =
its practical application cases in clinical development. The course =
provides chances to look into theoretical background in physiology and =
resulting mathematical models as well as interesting cases of =
translation in human. For detailed program and registration, please =
visit http://pipetws.mooo.com <http://pipetws.mooo.com/>


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