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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 13:18:16 -0400

*Duke Clinical Research Institute Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence *

*Postdoctoral Associate Position Opening*


The ideal candidate will provide support in the design and preparation of
clinical pharmacokinetics development strategies and study protocols,
performing pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) analyses, and
preparation of clinical study reports and integrated summary documents. Yo=
will conduct and coordinate the PK/PD analysis or statistical efforts for
clinical trials at all stages of drug development.

*Work Performed*

Application of PK/PD techniques during all stages of drug development,
including molecule selection, non-clinical dose and regimen selection,
first-in-human studies, Phase II dose/regimen selection, and strategic and
tactical decision-making for large Phase III clinical studies. There will
be a focus on the evaluation and implementation of innovative trial designs
to enhance the efficiency and provide better informed decision-making.

Design, planning, and execution of basic biostatistical components of plans
for research and development projects of early-phase clinical studies,
including summary statistics of clinical variables and basic inferential

Evaluation and understanding of PK/PD characteristics absorption,
distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) research on compounds, and
associated variability of drugs in clinical development, using empiric,
mechanistic, and population modeling approaches.

The ideal candidate will embrace model-based drug development (MBDD)=
mathematical and statistical approach that constructs, validates, and
utilizes disease, placebo, exposure-response, and pharmacometric models to
evaluate risk and facilitate drug development, in close collaboration with
R&D partners.



   Work requires a minimum of a PharmD, MD, PhD in pharmaceutical sciences
   or pharmacology.

   Graduation from an accredited postdoctoral clinical pharmacology program=

   Or an equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience.



   Proficient in PK/PD or related analyses and extensive knowledge of
and hands-on
   familiarity with software such as winnonlin and NONMEM software required=

   Ability to assemble and format data using programs such as R, SAS, Stata
   is a plus

To learn more about Duke Clinical Research Institute, please go to
If interested, please contact Dr. Huali Wu at huali.wu_at_dm.duke.edu

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