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Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 20:28:58 +0000

Modelling & Simulation Position at AstraZeneca

The role is focused on modelling and simulation (M&S) techniques to help dr=
ug discovery projects to understand and integrate in-vitro and in-vivo abso=
rption, distribution and metabolism (ADME) properties and pharmacokinetic (=
PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) properties, including biomarkers for mechanism=
 of action. The role will be based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Major responsibilities:
· Define and deliver the translational quantitative/PKPD strategy fo=
r efficacy and target safety, in projects from target identification to lif=
e-cycle management.
· Identify the appropriate M&S approach (e.g. traditional PKPD model=
ling, non-linear mixed effects modelling, quantitative systems pharmacology=
) to deliver the aforementioned.
· Design preclinical PKPD studies and report results and interpretat=
ions to project teams and internal governance bodies.
· In collaboration with key functions (e.g. bioscientists, translat=
ional scientists, safety scientists, clinical pharmacology and clinical pha=
rmacometricians) integrate the appropriate data to predict human pharmacoki=
netics, efficacious drug exposure, human longitudinal response (e.g. biomar=
ker and disease effects), and human dosing regimen.
· Contribute to estimation of safety margins and make recommendation=
s and predictions on human efficacious dose and exposure.

· Deliver drug-drug interaction (DDI) predictions and risk assessmen=
ts to project teams. Contribute proactively to an innovative working enviro=
nment where improvements and new ideas are adopted and freely shared. Conti=
nuously display scientific progress externally and internally.

Key Deliverables: Deliver the PK, DDI and PKPD elements to project teams wi=
thin the agreed timelines and to the right quality

· PhD or equivalent level of experience in mathematical modelling an=
d simulation of PK/PD, biological systems, quantitative systems pharmacolo=
gy and ideally in a preclinical/translational setting
· Specialist in modelling and simulation tools such as Matlab, R, NO=
NMEM, WinNonlin/Phoenix NLME, SimCyp
· Experience of defining quantitative modelling strategies across se=
veral therapeutic modalities (e.g. small molecules, oligonucleotides, prote=
ins, antibodies)
· Track record of ability to meet timelines to pre-specified quality=
 and cost
· Understanding of integrative aspects of DMPK and pharmacology/safe=
ty aspects of drug discovery and development
· Experience in pharmaceutical R&D and experience in operating cross=

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