[NMusers] Opportunities at Wright Dose

From: James G Wright <james_at_wright-dose.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 17:00:30 +0100

Wright Dose Ltd is currently considering applications for a PKPD
scientist to work on intellectually stimulating projects with a
substantial degree of autonomy. We are a small, science-focused
consultancy company, with a track record of success in applying PKPD to
key decisions in clinical development. Ideally, we are looking for an
experienced scientist who can:-

  * Apply one or more PKPD modelling packages on project-driven
    timelines, such as NONMEM.
  * Gain insight into the underlying physiological systems, for example,
    to assess the plausibility of parameter estimates and make
    comparisons with published literature.
  * Not miss having a calendar full of meetings.
  * Critically assess the risks of model assumptions, relative to the
    implicit and explicit assumptions of drug development teams.
  * Communicate the strengths and weaknesses of a model in face-to-face,
    teleconference and written presentations.

Training and guidance can be provided where required. We encourage an
open-minded and discursive environment, with the goal of providing the
best possible models to the client within the timeline. Our offices are
currently located in Manchester, England. Wright Dose Ltd views model
development and model application as an intellectually demanding
activity with substantial positive impact on drug development decisions.
This view will be reflected in the compensation offered to successful

Please provide your CV to james_at_wright-dose.com, indicating if we may
retain a copy in the event we are unable to offer you one of our current
positions. Please also include your notice period. All applications will
be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


James G Wright PhD,
Scientist, Wright Dose Ltd
Tel: UK (0)772 5636914

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