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Hi Thorsten

We have done this in both paediatrics and pregnancy and you may find the fol=
lowing paper useful.
Changes in individual drug-independent system parameters during virtual paed=
iatric pharmacokinetic trials: introducing time-varying physiology into a pa=
ediatric PBPK model.
Abduljalil K, et al. AAPS J. 2014.


On 22 Apr 2016, at 22:34, Thorsten Lehr <> w=

Dear NMusers,

I'm modeling a compound where body weight has a known impact on the volume o=
f distribution. This compound is investigated in pregnant women over a long p=
eriod (from gestational age of 8 weeks until they give birth). Consequently,=
 the body weight changes over time and I have a decent formula to describe t=
he individual body weight change. The PK model has to be coded by ODEs. Does=
 anyone has experience how to integrate a time varying volume of distributio=
n if differential equations are used?

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