[NMusers] First announcement: Advanced course on Pharmacometrics May 10-12 2016 The Rizzo Conference Center in Chapel Hill, NC (USA)

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Dear Members,


Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn novel pharmacometrics
approaches for improving the efficiency of clinical trials.


Pharmacometrica will be holding an advanced course on pharmacometrics :


Advanced course on Pharmacometrics

May 10-12, 2016: The Rizzo Conference Center in Chapel Hill, NC (USA)



Course outline

* Determine the modelling strategy for characterizing the =
in-vivo absorption processes for extended release formulations (ER) and =
Acting Injectable (LAI) formulations using convolution-based approach

* Evaluate In-Vitro/In-Vivo correlation methods, including
convolution-deconvolution approach

* Evaluate the relationship between drug exposure of extended
release formulations and clinical response in presence of placebo effect =
acute tolerance

* Determine the relationship between drug delivery and clinical

* Determine the In-Vitro drug release to optimize the clinical

* Illustrate how the convolution-based approach can be used to
optimize the performances of ER and LAI formulations

* Determine the optimal study design methodology for study in a
pediatric population for extended release formulations using the PopED


Course objectives

* To develop a population PK model for describing multiphase
absorption profiles

* To evaluate alternative placebo response models

* To develop indirect-response model to jointly evaluate the =
and drug relate response

* To evaluate the relative impact of the immediate and the =
drug release on the therapeutic response

* To use convolution-deconvolution methods for linking in-vitro =
in-vivo outcomes

* To determine the optimal drug formulation profiles for =
the performances of novel drug formulations

* To evaluate optimal study design methodologies


Course material

* The R scripts (including Shiny based applications) used in the
hands-on sessions and the NONMEM control streams used for implementing:


* the convolution/deconvolution analysis,
* the clinical trial simulator for describing the clinical response in
presence of placebo and active drug response,
* the estimation of the optimal in-vitro dissolution profiles
* the convolution/deconvolution analysis,


will be distributed to the participants.


Venue : The Rizzo Conference Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina =


Additional details are available at:



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