[NMusers] BAYES2015 Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, 19-22 May 2015

From: muriel boulton <boultonmuriel_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 11:32:06 +0100

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the next *BAYES2015* meeting to be held in
Basel, Switzerland, *19-22 May 2015*.

The practical implementation of Bayesian thinking into pharmaceutical
research has been slow due to either important computational challenge,
lack of Bayesian education in the bio-statistical community or reluctance
of regulatory authorities on the usefulness of the Bayesian approach.
However, recent developments in Clinical trials such as adaptive designs,
in Non-Clinical, in Model Based Drug Development and in Health economics
paradigms indicate the rising interest, added value and business impact of
Bayesian applications.

The *objective* of the workshop is multifold:

- Present some applied case studies in the clinical, non-clinical and CMC

- Highlight the participants about some success stories and impact of the
Bayesian thinking

- Promote the Bayesian thinking and practices within the pharmaceutical

- Underline the advantages of Bayesian modeling for science and business

- Show and update participants on the new numerical solutions making
Bayesian statistics an easy journey

The BAYES2015 meeting will start with an *optional 1-day course* on â€=
Industry Approach to Bayesian Phase I Oncology Trials: Methodology and
Implementation” (Instructors: Beat Neuenschwander and Simon Wandel)=

There will be *2 invited sessions*:

1. Computational challenges and opportunities for advanced models and ODE
(speakers: Bill Gillespie, Fang Chen, Marc Lavielle, Sebastian Weber,
Michael Betancourt, Martyn Plummer, David Lunn and Adrien Todeschini)

2. Communicating Bayesian Statistics (speakers: Tony O’Hagan, Stuar=
t Bailey
and Didier Poirault)

In addition, there will be several *contributed sessions*.

Registration and call for abstracts is now open.

Please visit the following website for details and links to registration
for the meeting: http://www.bayes-pharma.org/


Muriel Boulton

On Behalf of the BAYES2015 Committee

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