[NMusers] Xpose 4.5.3 available from CRAN

From: Andrew Hooker <Andrew.Hooker_at_farmbio.uu.se>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 12:35:28 +0000

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce that Xpose 4.5.3 is available from CRAN.

Get the latest version by running at your R command prompt:


This release is a mostly a maintenance release:

  * Updated xpose.gam to work with the latest version of the gam package
  * Update to ind.plots() to allow subsets on a per-y-variable basis. Useful to show IPRED and PRED in a finer grid than DV. See option “y.vals.subset”.
  * Update to how axes limits are computed with xpose.plot.default.
  * Fix for using expression() in the ylb argument of xpose.VPC.
  * Updates to read.bootscm.par.est()
  * Update to kaplan.plot for ylim specification when using the “cov” argument (KMMC plots)
  * Updated compute.cwres and associted functions to work with NONMEM 7.
  * various small bug fixes

Please see https://github.com/andrewhooker/xpose4/releases for a complete list of changes.

More information about xpose can be found at http://xpose.sourceforge.net.

Best regards

Andrew Hooker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmacometrics
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Uppsala University
Box 591, 751 24, Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46 18 471 4355
Mobile: +46 768 000 725

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