Graph Library and Standards

Speed the build and ensure the quality of analysis-ready data sets.....

Cognigen has developed an extensive graph library with set standards that allows us to quickly generate pictures of data pooled from multiple studies. The graph library generates: 

  • Diagnostics that can be used as part of quality control efforts,
  • Informative guides to direct model building efforts, and
  • Graphical displays of hard-won insights to tell the story of  your analyses to R&D teams. 

Modeling naturally involves the pooling of data from multiple studies, often up to 20 or more studies.  Just running a model up against 20 studies, without having the graphical insight into your data is nothing more than a guessing game, and a black box to the extended R&D team.  Yet, graphing of 20 studies with a time-crunched deadline, seems impossible.

At Cognigen we have developed a suite of processes, requirement standards, templates, macros, and technologies that allow our modelers to be able to spend the time thinking about your data by looking at the exploratory graphical analyses with your extended team.  Through this process we understand what the impact on the model will be and what it means to your develpment program.  With this knowledge and insight, our modelers then are able to systematically approach model building to acheive the best predictions possible for the your critical decision making milestones.    

You’ve trusted Cognigen to build your NONMEM datasets, now join us to actively discuss your project, as Data Loves Discussion!

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Graph Library and Standards

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