Data Assembly and Programming

At Cognigen, not only do we excel in data assembly for population-based analyses, but we’re the only company in the world with a definitive niche in the field. Our experience in data assembly is unique and extensive. In fact, between 2001 and 2007, we wrote 40,950 data programs and we are still programming strong.

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We take pride in our comprehensive preparation and efficient process for data assembly. We undertake a complete review of the Investigator Brochure, protocols, case report forms, study reports, and literature to develop a thorough understanding of data assembly needs for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling. Throughout the project, we remain in constant contact with you and your team. We also use multiple tools to foster communication between scientists and data programmers.

Why choose Cognigen to create your analysis ready datasets for population analyses?

  • Our experience is unique and extensive.
  • Our preparation is comprehensive.
  • Our process is efficient.
  • Our communications are secure and to the point.
  • Our quality is assured.
  • Our reputation is hard-earned.
  • There’s safety in our numbers.
  • Our teams have strict policies and procedures in place to serve as unblinded data reviewers and frequently perform critical data programming tasks and analyses during the execution of blinded trials so that data and modeling results are available for top line results. 

We would be happy to speak with you in more detail about our Data Assembly and Programming Services—call us at +1.716.633.3463 or send us a note.



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Data Assembly and Programming

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